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Last Updated: 12th January 2020

What have Devel-Ops done?


I previously developed branding for a startup called Blu-Fire. It was quite a short project but I am very proud of how the end product looked. I provided both the logos displayed along with a grayscale version and the editable files.

Image of Blu-Fire logo with black text.
Image of Blu-Fire logo with white text.

by Alex Jenkinson

Paragon Gaming Website

Paragon Gaming is a media group that provides entertainment through both Twitch and YouTube. In the past I also created videos under the group so I built a website that showcased the stream.

Image of Paragon Gaming UK website.

by Alex Jenkinson

Team HB for Team Theo September Skydive

I decided to conquer one of my biggest fears this year, which is heights. Specifically 15,000 feet (roughly 5km) above ground. As part of my fundraising efforts I decided to put my graphic design skills to use and make my own promotional media.

Interested in supporting my incredibly reckless yet exciting endeavour? Here's the link to the fundraising page.

Skydiving promotional poster

by Alex Jenkinson